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Group Overview

EFORT(Stock code: 688165.SH) is one of the first echelon industrial robot companies  in China, providing customers with industrial robot products and cross-industry intelligent manufacturing solutions.

EFORT successfully acquired the WFC Group, an Italian automotive equipment and robotic system integrator, after the successful acquisition of Italian painting robot company CMA, Italian metal processing and surface treatment system integrator EVOLUT and investment ROBOX, a manufacturer of robot core components in motion control in Italy. Through the M&A and absorption of advanced technology and experience in the field of international industrial automation, EFORT has formed a coordinated development pattern of the entire industry chain from the core components of robots to the whole machine to the high-end system integration of robots.

EFORT has 19 subsidiaries worldwide and has a smart painting robot R&D center and an intelligent robot application center in Italy.


EFORT has taken the lead in undertaking the robotics projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries, and participated in the formulation of a number of national standards for the robot industry.


EFORT has many years of industry accumulation in the field of automation equipment, especially in the field of automotive welding process equipment, automated conveyor equipment, painting process equipment, robot integration applications and other areas to provide partners with turnkey solutions. Under the background of the comprehensive upgrade of China's manufacturing industry, EFORT is committed to becoming an international world-class intelligent equipment provider with the mission of “smart” manufacturing of intelligent equipment and liberation of human productivity.

Corporation Culture
  • Corporate Mission

    "Wisdom " make intelligent equipment to 

    liberating human productivity

  • Corporate Vision

    Committed to become a world-class 

    intelligent equipment provider

  • Corporate Values



     long-term hard work

  • Corporate Culture Idea

    Sincerity Diligence

    Lean Innovation Win-win

Growth Milestone


Landed on Star Market and successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange


The foundation of the next-generation intelligent industrial robot research and development and industrialization project


Selected into the first batch of "standard conditions for industrial robot industry" in China;The first batch of “National Machinery Industry Advanced Manufacturing Industry, Education and Integration and Key Enterprises”


Investing in ROBOX, a manufacturer of robotic core components in the Italian motion control field;Acquired W.F.C Group, the leading Italian automotive equipment and robotic system integrator


Acquired Italian EVOLUT company and entered high-end robot integration application;Passed the first batch certification of China Robot CR


Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission "National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Advanced Robots and Control Technology"; won the 2016 China Robotics Corporation TOP10


Acquired Italian CMA Painting Robot Company; officially settled in the National (Wuhu) Robot Industry Park


Self-developed and manufactured ER20-C10 robot exported to South Korea; "Anhui Science and Technology Award--Research and Application of Key Technologies of Industrial Robots (Second Prize)


Established the academician Cai Hegao;  won the title of “National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise”


Won the Silver Award of China International Industry Fair


Integrated the first robot production line and  put into use


The “Key Technology Complete Equipment for Friction Transmission of Automobile Assembly Line”, which assisted in the participation, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.


Won the second prize of national mechanical industry workers' technological innovation achievements


Acquired "high-tech enterprise" certification


The first industrial robot ER165 was developed and trial-produced successfully, and it was included in the record of innovation of Chinese enterprises.


Established in August 2007, headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui; signed a cooperation project with robotics institute of Harbin Institute of Technology
EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Group Honor

In 2016, EFORT won Capek“2016 Best Sales Brand Award”; Chairman Xu Lijin won the “2016 Outstanding Entrepreneur Award”

In 2016, the subsidiary EVOLUT was awarded the “2016 Best Industry Application Award (Auto Parts)”

In 2016, CMA was awarded the “2016 Best Industry Application Award (spraying industry)”

In 2016, won the “Best Engineering Case” award for the Golden Robot Golden Globe Award, the “Innovative Robotic Technology Innovation of the Year” award and the “Award of the Year” award.

In 2016, the EFORT ER20C-C10 robot won the "2016 Best Industrial Robot" award

In 2016, the subsidiary company CMA's GR630ST painting robot won the “2016 Robotic New Product” award.

In 2015, EFORT Robot won the “Working Robot Bonus Ball of the Year” award, the “Most Investing Value Company of the Year” and the “National Robot Brand Value of the Year” Award.

In 2015, won the “Best Selling Domestic Robot Brand” award from China Robotics Network.

In 2015, won China Innovation Pioneer Award.

In 2014, the industrial robot series products were officially selected as "Named, Excellent, New Mechanical and Electrical Products Catalogue"

In 2014, won the “2014 Best Selling Domestic Industrial Robot Brand” from China Robotics Network

In 2013, EFORT  Electric Vertical Joint Industrial Spot Welding Robot (ER165C-C10) won the “Science and Technology Award” in Wuhu City.

EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

R&D Power

National Enterprise Technology Center

The first batch of specialized special new "small giant" enterprises

Member units of the National Robotic Innovation Centre

National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Advanced Institution and Control Technology of Intelligent Robots

Advanced Institution and Control Technology of Intelligent Robots Anhui Technological Innovation Center

Anhui Industrial Robot Innovation Center

Anhui postdoctoral research workstation

Anhui Robot and Equipment Engineering Research Center

Anhui Enterprise Technology Center

Anhui Industrial Robot System Integration Engineering Technology Research Center

Anhui Provincial Hospital Workstation

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